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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO UNSCRIPTED with The Man Cave & Special Guest Marty Mar & DNellz! NBA Trash Talk, Roles within Your Crew & Porn?

October 17, 2017 @ 8:14 pm

Our first birthday has arrived and IT WAS A BLAST! This week listen in as The Man Cave makes a special appearance with DNellz and we talk about it all. We discuss our podcast journey, lessons we've learned and whats next! We also discuss the NBA, College and how much we would spend on prenium porn?!?

Special Thanks to all of our special guest: The Man Cave Podcast, The Beard Watch Podcast, Tasia from X is for Xcellent, Vivian, Truuu, Dee Dray, The Davids (David Johnson & Finklea), Jack Honeywood of the Starting 5, Corey Bennett or XChange, B. Fox of Pamper Us Mobile, Britt Gill, O the Realtor, Corey O Ryan and TO EVERYBODY FOR SUPPORTING, SHARING AND MAKING OUR JOURNEY MEMORABLE!


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Chimeras Dream Traffic Jam Series: 5 Tips to Help Grow Your Brand! Instagram Boost, Creating a Team and Blogging!

August 16, 2017 @ 5:51 am

This week Gavin Boulware, Founder of Chimeras Dream, leads a Facebook Live discussion on branding!

TraffIc Jam Series: 5 Tips to Grow Your Brand!'

Join Gavin Boulware as he gives insights on how small business owners have the advantage over big business in the world of technology, why creating a portfolio is so vital and why sharing your purpose can take you to the next level!

Chimeras Dreams presents it’s "Traffic Jam Series" where consultant Gavin Boulware will lead 30-minute discussions with entrepreneurs on everything related to branding, marketing, social media and photography. Today's discussion will focus on tips to jumpstart your small business. Why is connecting with a photographer so important? What's are best practices to tackle and manage social media? The best way to create a team? All of these questions (and more) will be answered on August 8th at 7:00pm.


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Welcome to Convocation via The Davids! NBA Finals, Convocation Memories, Fasting for Unity, LGBT Community and Growing!

July 11, 2017 @ 2:30 am

The week we traveled to Soda City for Progressive Church 73rd Annual Holy Convocation! While in Columbia, SC we were able to connect with The Davids (David Josh Finklea & David 'DJ' Johnson) and get their takes on some hot topics!

Listen in as we do a quick NBA recap, what it's gonna take for Lebron and the Lakers to get back on top and congratulating Kevin Durant!

After we discuss a little basketball we discuss some major topics ranging from Unity within the church, learning to grow from criticism and interaction and respecting the LGBT communtiy as Christians!

Take a listen and give these guys a Follow!


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The Beard Watch joins The Man Cave & gets UNSCRIPTED! The Art of the Cookout, Top 3 NEEDED Foods and PORN!

July 1, 2017 @ 3:18 pm

Season II Episode 15 PART 2: The Beard Watch Podcast & The Man Cave Podcast JOIN THE UNSCRIPTED CREW!

Listen in as we discuss the Art of The Cookout! We tell our top food needed at every cookout and finally we end the age old debate: "If the Cookout is at 3pm, what time are you showing up and why?" 

Our Quick Hit Segement Includes: NFL Top 100 & NBA Topics and a MYSTERY QUESTION!


Like, Follow, Subscibe and LISTEN to their Podcast!

The Beard Watch: Facebook, Soundcloud & Twitter

The Man Cave 704: Facebook, Podbean & Twitter!


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ILLGLORY & Blessings! Race in America, Lavar Ball, Building our Community, Film and the LOVE OF ART!

June 7, 2017 @ 1:19 pm

It's Time for UNSCRIPTED TO GET ILL! Take a listen as we sit down with Ivan Mendez of IllGlory and discuss it all! 

From Race in America, to addressing issues within our Education and Healthcare institutions and we even take the time to discuss possible growth opportunities with our brown communities. 

Over the course of the interview we transition into Ivan's love for film and his journey into being an artist. We discuss his journey from LOSING it all and staying focus and embracing the comeback.


This week we dig into some of Ivan's most epic Facebook post to get some RAW, UNCUT and possible regretful responses :D


Betsy DeVos, Kristen Leahy and Lavar Ball...When you hear those names, what are your thoughts, listen in as Ivan give his responses.

Check out Ivan Mendez of IllGlory: WEBSITE - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM


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S02 E13: DEE DRAY IS HERE with his newest single, Ups and Downs! Finals preview, Kirk Franklin, arts in Buffalo and his dream collab!

June 5, 2017 @ 1:28 pm

Music has always been in his blood. Music is all he knows. This week we welcome a special guest, Buffalo native, Dee Dray!

Listen in as we discuss his love for music and how growing up in the church shaped his various taste in music! 

Also we gained his insight on the NBA Finals, Bob Marley and even Kirk Franklin. 

Follow Dee Dray: Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube

Check out his newest single:


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Meet the Davids! Lakers vs Cavs. Millennials vs The Church, Loving God’s Word, Standing in the Gap & Injustice and the Church Position!!

April 3, 2017 @ 2:57 pm

Meet DAVIDsquared! This week we are joined by David "Joshua" Finklea & David "DJ" Johnson for a lil talk on the Church in 2017!

Listen in as we discuss the joys and diffculties these men face while working with the Church and Millennials in this new era! 

Later we dive into why the Church fails in 2017 with social injustice and why the Christian church is so divided!

Take a seat, share with a friend and become #UNSCRIPTED


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Valentine’s Day EXCLUSIVE with C “GRIXXLY’ B! Best & Worst V-day Experience, Celebacy, When The Relationship is Dead and Being Blocked on Instagram

February 10, 2017 @ 5:19 pm

Cory B aka Grixxly has returned to UNSCRIPTED! This time we sit down and discuss Valentine's Day and all of it's festivities. 

This week we discuss why being a Tarus and the art of gift giving, our best & worst Valentine;s Day experenices and who's not getting the "V-day Plans" phone call!

Po-Up Question of the day? "Why do women need to need to stop using the phrase 'I'm going to be Celbiate".


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Vivan Jones dropping some gems! Culture of Charlotte & Raleigh, Life at WSSU, Life Lessons in Nicaragua and LOVE Y VIDA!!

February 8, 2017 @ 10:11 pm

This week Gavo sits down with motivational speaker, Vivan Jones of Love Y Vida! We dive into growing up in two very diverse areas of North Carolina and finding her way onto Winston Salem State University campus! While her path at WSSU may have started in Education and ended in Spanish & Sociology, she uses all three areas to fulfill her passion of Motivational Speaking!

"PO-UP Question of the Day": How do you keep your circle tight and eliminate dead weigh?!?



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CURRY IS GOOD N THE HOOD! Transitioning from the West, the Music Scene in CLT, Struggles & Biggest Joys of Music and his Dream Collab

January 11, 2017 @ 11:39 pm

This week we welcome special guest, Curry Goods!

Listen in as Gavo sits down with the artist known as Curry Goods as they talk about artisty in Charlotte, NC, the 2016 Freshman Class, our favorite concert, the importance of marriage in 2017 and Currys love for Techno!

Shoutout to all of our guest who submitted a question during our segment #ASKCURRY

Check out Curry Music here:


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