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S01E07: SPORTS EDITION - Colin K breaking the Nations, Romo goes down, AGAIN; Ez-E visit the Dispensary; Stephen A Smith vs GAVO; 2k17 Ratings

September 1st, 2016

Ez-The-GOAT makes his return as the guys dive into Colin Kapernick controversial stance, or lack of, on the National Anthem, our disappointments with Rodney Harrison, The Cowboys and OUR TAKE on Stephen A Smith. 

:30 Intro - 1:30 Colin Kapernick 5:00 Understanding the National Anthem - 8:45 Disappointment with the Aftermath - 10:00 Rodney Harrison speaks out  - 12:45 Rodney Harrison confuses White America - 15:25 Future of Kap - 19:00 Romo goes down AGAIN - 21:50 Ezekiel Elliott goes shopping - 27:45 RETURN OF FOOTBALL - 31:10 Stephen A Smith vs #CGB - 42:00 NBA 2K17 Rankings are here!