S02 E15: Second Quarter Comeback with The Man Cave! Kobe Bryant Top 10? Donald Trump Marriage in Trouble? NBA Finals Predictions and Bow Wow Insecurities!

May 25, 2017 @ 1:48 pm

New Room ✔️ New Rules ✔️ New Episode  WE GOT YOU!

This Tuesday we welcome back The Man Cave 704 Podcast for an episode entitled: A Tale of the Thirds!

Get ready as we discuss why one of use believe Kobe Bryant isn't a Top 10 NBA Player of All Time, Tiger Woods isn't a Top 5 Athlete and someone even said they would actually buy and wear a "Romphim"? 😒

Tune into our Quick Takes segment where we discuss if Social Media is the real reason why black men have insecurities we keep ignoring!

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